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"I love reading Milcho's work. His monochrome structures, sharp or transgressive plots and characters staring at you from his portrait chapters, raising questions without uttering a single word. Silence is never just silence. Sceneries talk, concrete buildings tremble, announcing disturbance behind their walls, and people stand monumental and raw, with all their human flaws, scars and hopes cut open in front of you. His works grow the feeling in you that they are made for vast spaces, for extremely large formats where the highly aestheticized stories in focus would show all their might, despite the inevitable vulnerability of their subjects. "

- Marija Pavlović, Writer (Serbia)

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"Milcho is a one-of- a kind photographer. He creates his artwork through his clear and utterly perceptive eye, in his personal and special way and presents it to us, the audience, so that we could experience it with the same intensity as he does. He does not let any of his photographs to be lifeless, static. Even when it comes to buildings, interiors or landscapes. He uses a well-thought-out composition where shapes, lines and tones, and sometimes colors too (he rarely uses saturation), are organized in such a harmony that they revive, through his photographs, the things that the average viewer would find boring in real life. His sense of composition, the contrasts and the excessive acuity of his photographs supplement and emphasize his personal expression, thus giving us the feeling of savoring "spicy food" which never leaves us indifferent."

- Aleksandar Popovski, art teacher, painter and illustrator (Macedonia)

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"Milcho Pipin explores life through the eye of his vigorous camera…He is a passionate, curious and confident traveller on an artistic journey… The result is an artwork that speaks loudly and powerfully, telling us a convincing story about common but yet exciting people, moments and places…Each of his photographs are original and fresh, and profoundly from an artistic perspective, seen by the eye of an experienced and meticulous observer."

- Maja B. Talevska, Communication (Australia)

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"I know Milcho Pipin more than half my life and he's one of my closest friends. I was very happy when I saw that all of his creative potential is channeled in the photography as a medium. I believe that Milcho is incredibly talented for "holding" the perfect moments, those that we others often miss. Naturally, I followed his development as a photographer from the very beginning until today, and I think his maturity is more than evident. In an era of hyper production and favoring clichés, I am happy that he documents honest and authentic images of life."

- Sonja Ismail Ognenoska, MA in Philosophy, civic activist, radio host, DJ... (Macedonia)

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".... Milcho is an amazing artist with delicate sense of stressing the deep emotional craving...."

- Petar Makarievski, Pianist (United States of America)

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“O que seria do meu portfollio sem um profissional como o Milcho para fotografar os projetos finalizados. Extremamente competente, profissional e detalhista. Sempre com uma visão artistica e diferente que compoe exatamente com a cara de cada projeto. Aguardo ansiosa o resultado de cada sessão de fotos!”

- Camila Bruzamolin Arquitetura (Brazil)

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"Criatividade, pró-atividade e pontualidade. Estes são apenas alguns dos diferenciais do trabalho do fotógrafo Milcho Pipin. As belíssimas imagens, que são a concretização do seu olhar artístico e aguçado, são o resultado de muita dedicação, pesquisa e sintonia com o cliente. Trabalhar em parceria com Milcho é sinônimo de confiança com relação à qualidade do material, tranquilidade no que diz respeito aos horários e prazos, bem como a certeza de encantar o cliente final, pois cordialidade e educação também fazem parte da marca deste fotógrafo."

- Patricia Goedert Melo, Presença - Comunicação Educacional (Brazil)

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"I have known and followed the work of Micho Pipin for a number years, as he beautifully documents the world as he sees it. Milcho is a hardworking professional and his work shows. I love to see the world through his eye. It's always so refreshing to say "wish I'd shot that". Milcho gets those kinds of shots."

- Robby Breadner, publisher of 365ontario.info and 365 Group of websites (Canada)

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"Tive a oportunidade de contratar o serviço do fotógrafo Milcho e fiquei surpreendido pela qualidade do serviço prestado, associado ao excelente atendimento, presteza, competência, dedicação e carinho que imprime em tudo que faz. Portanto recomendo seus serviços, com a certeza de quem o contratar também se surpreenderá positivamente com o resultado sobre seu trabalho."

- Prof. Renato Casagrande, Instituto Alleanza (Brazil)

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"Não tem como não se encantar com as suas fotos, a sua pessoa e seu astral contagiante na hora do "click"! Sempre em busca do melhor retrato, parabéns Milcho Pipin!"

- Beth Bertinato (Brazil)

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"Milcho definitely exceeded my expectations."

- Jill Adler, MSP Communications (United States of America)

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"Milcho não é apenas um grande fotógrafo, com uma visão muito particular e sensível na hora de escolher o que fotografar, como é também um grande profissional e ser humano, de fácil trato e sempre disposto a construir com seus clientes. Recomendo seu trabalho a quem sabe diferenciar qualidade e quer realmente eternizar os melhores momentos de sua vida."

- Eduardo Almeida, Educação Corporativa (Brazil)

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"Quando conheci o Milcho, sua alegria e simpatia foram os principais motivos que fizeram com que eu contratasse seus serviços. Isso antes mesmo de ver a qualidade do trabalho. Os palestrantes e congressistas que fazem parte dos eventos e congressos que promovo e organizo ficaram encantados com sua educação, presteza e delizadeza no momentos dos registros fotográficos. Com tudo isso, a excelência nas fotos é consequência."

- Marcos Melo, diretor da Futuro Eventos (Brazil)

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"Milcho não é apenas um fotógrafo para nós, e sim um parceiro que nós ajuda a desenvolver e mostrar os nossos projetos. É um parceiro que nos oferece pontualidade, comprometimento e cumprimentos dos prazos. Estamos satisfeitos e recomendamos ele com excelência."

- Jonathan Dambrós, Iluvia Engenharia (Brazil)

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"Profissional competente, trabalho minucioso, expressivo, com olhar artístico e diferenciado sobre a Fotografia. Um parceiro de anos que contribui para a ilustração dos trabalhos realizados pela Omega Design. Agradecemos a parceria!"

- Camila Oliveira, Omega Design (Brazil)

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"Milcho, suas fotos são cheias de sentimento! Aprecio muito a sua visão e trabalho, e mais do que isso, admiro muito a pessoa que és! Parabéns pelo grande sucesso de coração!"

- Bibiana Cini, EAT Gourmet (Brazil)

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"Milcho Pipin is not average photographer. He doesn't take photos of others' special occasions and he doesn't wait in the forest for the perfect shot of an unsuspecting animal. No, his work is much more unique than that.

Because I am working in media industry, I will point out a few important skills he has and that are very important for us.

I love his curiosity. Fundamentally, photography is about conveying a vision in a way that it may be appreciated by an external observer. The best photographs tend to have an original and/ or unusual vision that differs from the norm. Milcho is having that subconsciously question why things are always seen a certain way, and if there are any other possible ways of seeing that might be interesting. He is open to exploring other styles, subjects and methods of photography – even if only vicariously through the work of others; inspiration can come from anywhere.
He lives for Light. If there’s no light, there’s no photograph; it’s that simple. Milcho is looking for light instead of looking for subject. I remember his sentence ..." find the light and let the subjects come to you”. He is having strong mental note to come back later at the right time of day.

He is high observant. In our cooperation with Milcho Pipin I find out that the reality is that if you’re shooting in a scenario where you can’t control all of the elements, then chances are you’ll get a shot when and where you may not necessarily expect it. He keeps his eyes open; he never knows where your next portfolio frame might come from. So, I follow his work often and I can feel that his work is set up and staged, but a good portion of his personal portfolio – including reportage, portraits and to some extent, architecture – is entirely spontaneous. I love that part of his work, maybe because in TV business spontaneous work is high qualified.

He is having important ability to work fast. Working fast means not missing the moment – even in situations with relatively static subjects. Every work with him, was easy, smooth and very fast.The camera operator in TV said that hi is having great shot discipline. It is second nature of Milcho Pipin.

He is an artist - photographer who make conscious decisions on use of color to create emotion, for instance. Hi is having a good understanding of design, style, and esthetic point of understanding the surrounding.

He is a great person. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Milcho as he gets brilliant results every time. He is a pleasure to work with, impresses all of our collaborators on the past projects with his enthusiasm and boundless energy and, most importantly, works in partnership with us to come up with the best solutions."

- Ljubica Angelkova Mangovska, editor in chief - TERA TV (Macedonia)

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